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Medical Weight Loss

The Nu Image Medical Weight Loss Institute physician-directed programs offer strategies unavailable to non-physician weight loss programs.

Laser-like Lipo

Nonsurgical procedure that uses a cutting-edge technology of LED light to target any part of the body. Just ask us about this scientifically proven treatment.

Facial Therapy

The perfect solution for reducing those fine lines and wrinkles as well as rejuvenating the look of the skin.

A program that’s proven to work

The study included a pool of 349 patients who were each given the Low Calorie Program to follow. The following finds of the study are truly remarkable.

  • 99 percent of patients that followed the program lost weight
  • 7.6 pounds was the average amount of weight lose in 7 days

About Us

At Nu Image Medical Weight Loss Institute our physicians have received extensive training and are highly qualified in the field of medical weight loss. Whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight or lose inches we will help you pinpoint and ultimately reach your short- and long-term weight loss goals.  All our programs are FDA-approved and are supervised by a physician. We will give you the advice and support you need to reach your goal weight and transition to a healthier lifestyle. See how losing weight can greatly improve your health and possibly even help to decrease or even eliminate any current medications you may be taking.  The plan is customized to each individual patient in order to meet their weight loss goals but to also monitor any medical conditions they may currently have in order to maintain optimum health.

  • Individual Attention from the Start

    A relationship with your physician forms with your first visit. An in-depth evaluation is the first step toward your personalized program.

  • Safe & Effective Weight Loss

    Your doctor will be able to tell you how much of the weight you are losing is from fat, water or muscle, and adjust your program accordingly.

  • Realistic & Accurate Expectations

    Using your body composition, and other measurements, your doctor can accurately predict the amount of weight you can lose over time.

  • Personal Support from Your Doctor

    With each visit, you’ll learn valuable insights into how you can approach your daily life to maintain the weight loss you are achieving.

What others say about us

My doctor saved my life. I no longer suffer with back or knee pain. I am no longer tired. I am no longer a prisoner inside my own body. I never thought it would be possible for me to feel this good again.

Denise MillerGeneva, IL

Taking one day at a time rather than looking too far ahead worked for me. Now I look into the future and see that I will never go back to the bad eating habits I had. Everything changes. Not just your body, but your mind as well.

Gabriela JamesDeKalb, IL