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Learn how to eat for your metabolic type and detoxify your system! We offer screening questionnaires that can help you lose weight according to your personal body type. You will learn about intermittent fasting, clean eating and how to holistically detoxify your system. (Physical, Mindful, Spiritual and Energy detoxification). The initial consultation is $85 and all follow ups are just $60!

See how the right detox treatment can help you lose weight, at Nu Image Institute

The NuMedica 14 Day Detox Program focuses on an easy-to-follow, low-glycemic food elimination diet. This program supports healthy detoxification and enhances the activities of hepatic detoxification enzymes. The program guide includes daily shake recipes, supplements, a shopping list, sample menus and healthy lifestyle tips.

We also offer NuMedicas 28-Day Adipose Focus Program. This program targets metabolic management support. The supplements included are African Mango, PrenuPhase, and Reset PATH. African Mango promotes healthy body composition, supports healthy adiponectin levels and supports healthy blood lipid levels. PrenuPhase helps delay the digestion and absorption of dietary starches. Reset PATH assists the body in resetting the metabolism. This program includes a full spectrum of natural appetite suppressants.

Another supplement offered is Appe-Curb. It contains neurotransmitter precursors and conversion nutrients that help satisfy the "reward cascade" of the brain. Satisfying the "reward cascade" of the brain may help with cravings for things that may be appealing such as drugs, alcohol and carbohydrates while improving mood and increasing energy. By helping to restore major brain neurotransmitters, Appe-Curb may support balance in the brain and a feeling of well-being.

Meal replacements are another option we offer. Cornerstone Wellness Meal Replacements provide optimal protein intake without significantly increasing calories, fat or carbohydrates. It is technologically advanced, evidence based, and nutritionally sound. The Cornerstone Wellness program produces visceral fat loss with maintenance of muscle tissue, addressing the underlying cause of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, sleep apnea, etc.

Detoxification Weight Loss in Elgin - Nu Image Institute

A reliable detoxification or meal replacement program can provide you with the weight loss progress you would like to see. And with a team of trusted skin care medical professionals at your side like we have at Nu Image Institute in Elgin, you can feel confident in the process, and the results! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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