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Are you concerned about acne marks and wrinkles? Everyone ages, and that's why cosmetic injectables are increasing in popularity. They're considered an effective way to treat marks, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Nu Image Institute can help you feel confident and love your skin. Read on to learn more!

As all of us age, our bodies start to show physical signs of our years. From creases and wrinkles to crows feet and smile lines, our bodies and faces will naturally develop these signs of aging on our skin. For many people, it can be uncomfortable or embarrassing to see those signs of aging, even as natural and common as they are. We might not want the assumptions that come with looking old, or we might just not want to be reminded of the aging process every day. Regardless of what your motivation may be, modern society has come with a variety of innovative solutions and practices that can reduce the appearances of these aging signs, and give you back the confidence you need with your youthful appearance. From cosmetic injectables to high-quality and long lasting fillers, there are a number of ways to get more vibrant and youthful looking skin and features in the places you want.

That's where Nu Image Institute in Elgin comes in. We have been proudly serving folks all around the Illinois area with high quality aesthetic and cosmetic services. Our staff of aestheticians and cosmetic professionals have decades of combined experience helping people just like you utilize the services they need to look how they want, including a variety of cosmetic injectable services. From BOTOX Cosmetics to Juvederm fillers, Nu Image Institute in Elgin has the services you need to look youthful and vibrant in the way you want. Get rid of wrinkles and crows feet that catch your eye in the mirror, and do away with smile lines that make you feel self conscious. See how our cosmetic injectables services can start serving your needs, and book a cosmetic injectable appointment with Nu Image institute today! 

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Why Choose Nu Image Institute?

From long-lasting fillers to cosmetic injectables to dermal fillers and more, Nu Image Aesthetics & Wellness Institute can help you feel comfortable in your own skin. We have been providing high-quality cosmetic services for years. Our highly experienced and aestheticians and cosmetic professionals will provide you with an unparalleled customer experience. Get rid of creases and wrinkles and do away with smile lines with the right guidance from our professionals.

Fight back against wrinkles, with cosmetic injectables from Nu Image

Cosmetic Injectable Services With Nu Image Institute

We offer a wide range of cosmetic injectable services. Our cosmetic injectable services include:

Juvederm - Line of dermal filler products that target the lips and support their natural volume

Restylane - Helps increase natural volume and softness of lips and face

Revanesse Versa - Offers the potential to entirely correct the appearance of facial creases

Dysport - An effective way to treat wrinkles and lines

Botox® Cosmetic - Ideal treatment for stubborn frown lines, crows feet, and forehead wrinkles lines

Minimize the appearance of creases, aging lines, and more with services from Nu Image Institute.

Cosmetic Injectables by Nu Image Institute
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Botox® Cosmetic

As one of the industry leading cosmetic treatments out there, Botox® Cosmetic is a brand name that both patients and providers trust. For stubborn crows feet, frown lines, and forehead wrinkles lines, Botox® Cosmetic is the treatment you could use.

The first and only FDA-approved treatment that can temporarily make moderate to severe frown lines, crow's feet and forehead lines look better in adults, Botox® Cosmetic delivers predictable and subtle results. Minimize the appearance of aging lines, but without changing too much about what makes you, you.

The treatment is very brief, only requiring about 10 minutes to administer, and potentially showing noticeable results in as little as 24-48 hours, especially for moderate to severe frown lines. Get the brand name and reliable results you can trust, and see if a Botox® Cosmetic treatment from Nu Image is right for you!



There are not many neurotoxin treatments on the market, and while Botox has been one of the more common ones, there are other treatments that might be able to give them a run for their money. One of those is Dysport, a modern-made neurotoxin treatment that offers an exclusive dedication to aesthetic results.
Dysport is only the fourth neurotoxin treatment to hit the market, but it’s the newest one in the last decade. This modern competitor of the more commonly known Botox boasts a fresh experience and perspective to the aesthetics industry and an effective way to treat wrinkles and lines.

Using a state-of-the-art manufacturing process called Hi-Pure technology, Dysport is a product meticulously made for safety. The additional acid precipitation and treatment to remove other proteins involved in Hi-Pure technology create a more pure product, which can potentially make treatments even safer. See how Dysport stacks up to the competition and schedule an appointment with Nu Image today!

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Revanesse Versa

Facial creases and folds can start to appear as we age, leaving us with an aged appearance. But products like Revanesse Versa offer a solution. Revanesse Versa is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that has the potential to completely correct the appearance of facial creases and folds that appear on our faces over time as we age.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that naturally occurs in our body. Still, when it is concentrated purified, it can be used as a soft tissue filler that can be very effective at correcting the appearance of facial creases, also known as nasolabial folds.

In terms of dermal fillers, Revanesse Versa is one the cutting edge of high-quality products that get results. It offers safety, longevity, and a minimal amount of swelling that simply can’t be beaten by other dermal filler competitors. Get the solution you need for your facial creases and folds and see if a Revanesse Versa treatment from Nu Image is right for you!



For some folks, self-awareness about their lips and their smile can make them smile less. Instead of cutting back on your own happiness and enjoyment, why not take the steps to get the natural volume and softness you are looking for?

That’s where Restylane comes in. Restylane offers a variety of hyaluronic acid fillers that are designed to support the appearance of your lips and face in the way you want. Try out Restylane Lyft for dermal filler support on your cheeks, your facial wrinkles, or the back of your hands.

Focus more on your lips and the lines and area around them with Restylane Silk. Or, bring out the best in your smile and take action against smile lines and laugh lines, big or small, with Restylane Defyne and Restylane Refyne. Restylane has the selection of products you need to target the areas of your face and body you want. Bring out your natural youthfulness and volume in the areas that matter, and see how a Restylane treatment at Nu Image could work for you!

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Juvederm is another line of dermal filler products that may provide the volume and youthful aesthetic you have been looking for. Juvederm offers a wide variety of dermal fillers that are designed to target specific parts of the face and body and give you the results you want.

Juvederm Ultra is a long-lasting filler that is designed to target the lips and support their natural volume, making them much more plump and pliable to the touch; it can also help smooth out smile lines that surround the outside of your lips. For more intensive needs, Juvederm Ultra Plus offers the same targeted support, but with much more volume and line smoothing potential.

Juvederm Volbella is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that also targets the natural volume and smoothness of your lips, as well as smile lines around the mouth. Volbella has gained more popularity over the years due to the minimal swelling at the injection site it offers.

Juvéderm Voluma XC is a non-surgical, injectable filler that uses a modified form of the hyaluronic acid typically found in dermal fillers to help lift contour lines and folds around the face, cheek, and chin. Minimize their appearance and get the youthful aesthetic you have been dreaming of.

A wide selection of high-quality dermal fillers from Nu Image

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