Massage Therapy

We may not think about it very much, but our physical well-being and the tension we sustain throughout the day can impact our mental and emotional health. We feel a bit of discomfort in our bodies and it can have a consistent negative impact on our mindsets and our lifestyles. Even the smallest of discomforts can not only hinder the activities or lifestyle choices you make. Our physical comfort plays a vital role in our everyday lives, and enforcing our physical comfort should be seen as a priority.


Massage therapy can offer an incredibly relaxing and therapeutic solution to the soreness you may be experiencing. Whether it’s specific and consistent muscle pain, or just an unrelenting tightness in your body from stress, massage therapy can provide a highly-effective method to help your body relax and recuperate. When getting a massage at NU Image Institute in Elgin our highly trained massage therapist will cater to your concerns, and leave you feeling rejuvenated and stress-free. Keep reading to learn more about our massage therapy services at Nu Image Institute, and how our team can serve your needs.

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Massage Therapy Services

General Body or Specific Location

Massage therapy can offer the relief and relaxation you need, whether it’s a general body massage, or targeting a more specific area. When you are discussing with our massage therapist what you would like out of your massage therapy session, this is when you can determine what type of massage you need. Maybe you have a consistent sore spot every morning, or your back is still pretty sore from a workout; our massage therapist can target those specific areas to provide the relief that will do the most good. Maybe you don’t have any specific locational pain or aches, and you just really want to be loosened up all over and enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic massage; our massage therapist can offer that too, and provide a full body massage that will provide you with the more general relief you are looking for.

Sports Injuries and Deep Tissue

Our massage therapy services can also provide supplemental rehabilitation massages for certain sports injuries, as well as deep tissue massages for stubborn knots and other tight areas. Massage therapy is not a replacement for physical therapy if you have endured a sports injury, but it can supplement your physical rehabilitation efforts by helping loosen up and recuperate the muscles surrounding your injury (if approved by your physical therapist). Our deep tissue massages can also solve certain tightness problems that can develop over time. A deep tissue massage digs in deep to really loosen up muscle tightness that can be occurring in deeper tissue. This type of massage can feel slightly uncomfortable with the amount of pressure required to reach the deeper tissue, but our massage therapists can adjust their methods to cater to your specific needs.

Lymphatic Massages

Another type of massage therapy we offer at Nu Image is lymphatic massages, which help support the natural drainage of waste that your lymphatic system performs through smooth muscle tissue. However, sometimes your lymphatic system can have issues that cause that fluid waste to build up, which can cause pain and discomfort. A lymphatic massage intends to release that build up through clearing, and reabsorption. Clearing is performed by gentle massages on the targeted lymph node areas, creating a vacuum effect that allows for the waste fluid build up to flush out. Reabsorption uses a similarly gentle massage technique that works to redistribute the built up fluid to a more natural spread and flow throughout your body tissue. With a consistent lymphatic massage like the ones we offer at Nu Image Institute, you can get the physical relief you are looking for.

Target sore deep tissue areas, or relax with a total body massage

Massage Therapy Q & A

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As you may have noticed, the quality of your physical health and comfort is crucial for supporting your larger health and happiness. See how the right massage therapy treatment can provide you with the relief and physical comfort you need to feel better about your day, your activities, and your life. Whether it’s a general body massage that helps you relax, or a target deep tissue massage for sore areas, our massage therapists can provide for your needs. Get started on the path to feeling better, and book an appointment for a massage therapy treatment from Nu Image today!

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