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Laser Treatment Q & A + Before/After Photos

What Are Photofacial Procedures?

Like other laser treatments, photofacial procedures, or IPL treatments, are used to treat various skin conditions. Unlike other laser treatments, though, photofacial procedures use multiple wavelengths of light. Most laser treatments use only one narrow bandwidth.

By using a broad spectrum of light that’s absorbed at different rates by different types of tissues, photofacial procedures are able to treat multiple aesthetic issues at once. IPL treatments have several uses, but they’re most often used to treat brown spots caused by overexposure to the sun.

Laser hair reduction uses lasers to reduce how much hair grows in certain areas of the body. A laser is directed at hair follicles in the area being treated. The heat from the laser forces the follicles to enter a resting phase and become dormant for a time. Although hair follicles will eventually come out of this resting phase and begin growing, they can be sent back into it with maintenance laser treatments.

What Is Laser Skin Resurfacing Used for?

Laser skin resurfacing helps revitalize and rejuvenate damaged skin. It can help reduce the effects of sunlight, aging and acne. It’s often used to remove or lessen scars, wrinkles and lines.

Does Laser Treatment Hurt?

Patients who undergo laser treatments usually don’t experience pain. At most, they may have some mild discomfort. If a particular treatment will cause pain, doctors typically apply an anesthetic prior to performing the laser treatment. The anesthetic prevents the patient from feeling any pain.

Before and After Laser Treatments

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As you can see, the futuristic lasers that we see in movies and television are not as far away from reality as we might think. Using this incredible technology and treatment procedures, our estheticians and skin care providers can provide you with revolutionary and life-changing aesthetic treatments that give you the look and image you've been waiting for.

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